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Empowering families to take control of their money so they can live more and worry less.

Financial Coaching can help you change

I’m Michelle Kopp. As a CPA and financial coach, I help families like yours create a system to manage your money so you can achieve your short and long term financial goals. My clients become financially confident and able to live the life they’ve always wanted for themselves and their families.

Financial freedom looks like:

  • Feeling confident walking into your new season of life;
  • Getting equipped with the tools you need to succeed;
  • Learning how to become financially independent and pass it on to future generations.

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The Budgeter

You may have always struggled with managing money in the past. Now you are in a new season of life, you want to learn skills to make it to the next level. Take control of your income and expenses. Get the tools you need to manage your money instead of letting your money manage you.

The Saver

Your family is growing and you need more space. You want to save for a down payment, home improvement project, or retirement. You haven't saved a large sum of money before and not sure where to start. Create new money habits and focus on long-term goals versus immediate gratification. Learn how to save and see what's possible.

The Debt Eliminator

Newly married or a baby on the way? Don't start this new phase of your life with baggage. Make a plan to get out of debt. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You no longer have to be beholden to the lender. Choose to live free.

Creating a Custom Plan that Actually Works


2.Focus & Go

3.How it Works:


I teach my clients how to H.O.P.E again. I want to teach you how. H.O.P.E is how I help each and every client create a custom plan for their money to start living their dream life.

  • H. How to find more money in your budget.
  • O. Organize your mind and money with a fool proof system.
  • P. Prepare for unexpected expenses without using your credit card.
  • E. Eliminate your debt sooner than you thought.

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2.Focus & Go

The Focus & Go Session is the first phase of your H.O.P.E. journey. Once completed, you will have the plan you need to succeed and be able to get started.

In The Focus & Go session, you will receive one-on-one coaching where we will dive into the details of your money. We will FOCUS on one area of your finances that you want to change. Then, with what you learn from the session, you can GO and make it happen from DAY 1!

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3.How it Works:

Step 1. Schedule your free call

Step 2. Discuss your current situation with me to see if I can help

Step 3. Schedule your Focus & Go

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See what people are saying

Highly Recommend

January 6, 2023

I met Carl’s parents several years ago and I was introduced to Verde. They manage all my investment accounts and our company IRA accounts as well.

They are very professional with everything they do and our investments are very easy to access and understand.

The team at Verde is very attentive to any questions I may have regarding our portfolio. They have also provided us with excellent resources as we continue to grow our business. I highly recommend their team to manage your investment accounts.

Lori D.

Customer Service is Exceptional

January 6, 2023

I was introduced to Verde several years ago when my father passed away. The team handled everything for our family! Since that time i have transferred all of my investments to Verde to manage. Their customer service is exceptional. The fireside chats, email updates, and website are easy to understand/manage. The 1:1 meetings are personalized and informative. The team at Verde responds to my questions/requests timely. Overall i am pleased with the level of service and the direction of my investment accounts. Thank you Verde!

Brenda K.

Incredible Job

January 6, 2023

The Verde Capital Management team does an incredible job handling the finances for multiple accounts in my immediate family. They not only help out with investment management but offer ideas for better methods of handling other aspects of your personal finances (insurance, will and trust, etc.). I cannot recommend Verde highly enough for anyone looking for a top of the line financial team.

Patrick D.

Financial Plan That Works

January 6, 2023

We have been with Verde since their start. They have provided a financial plan that works through ups and downs. An added benefit is the knowledge you gain from their regular updates on market trends, new technologies, and all the facets needed for a total financial plan. We have recommended Verde to our family and friends.

Marci G.

Thoroughly Prepared

January 6, 2023

As always, Tommi Harris came with her “A” game to today’s meeting/review of our situation. Thoroughly prepared, clear and concise no male bovine waste advice, and without prejudice. She knows where every penny of my money is, why it’s there, what it’s supposed to be doing, and whether it’s doing it or not. She meets my expectations and usually exceeds them while always addressing my concerns. She is a thoroughly competent professional in all aspects of her job!!!!

Chuck D.

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