Tax Planning with Expert Contributor Teresa Lindberg CPA

At Verde Capital, our Financial Advisors work closely with you to develop a plan for evaluating your tax plan, monitor income fluctuations, and maximize savings rates for your goals. We focus on creating an optimal asset location strategy for you and your family to minimize your lifetime tax liability. Our Financial Advisors partner with our clients to create comprehensive financial plans that help them navigate through life’s financial situations – both near-term and far into the future.

Additionally, Certified Public Accountants work with you on the day-to-day aspects of your tax plan. They create an easy-to-use guide, prioritize what’s important for you to focus on, and customize a list of items to keep track of for deductions. All of these, combined with personalized coaching around better planning habits, can help reduce short-term money stress come tax time.

If you’re interested in learning more, click on the video above to listen to the conversation between Tommi Harris, a Financial Advisor with Verde Capital Management, and Teresa Lindberg, CPA, with ImpAcct LLC, as they discuss cash management, budgeting, and how a financial coach can help improve your financial wellness.