The Verde Capital Management Team

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Meet Our Team

Our team takes great pride in serving our clients to the best of our ability each and every day.

Carl Szasz

President & Chief Compliance Officer / Financial Advisor

Eric Tomaszewski

Financial Advisor

Adam Smart

Financial Advisor

Ken Sheperd

Financial Advisor

Cindy Lundberg

Financial Advisor / Marketing Director

Jack Yarosh

Financial Advisor

Matt Hart

Financial Advisor

Jon Sheperd

Data Analyst

Katie Wilson

Operations Manager

Michelle Kopp

Financial Coach

Our Culture Focuses On Helping Us Achieve Excellence

We strive to embody these nine values through enriching education and embracing clear communication to support our collaborative team environment.


Make wise decisions despite ambiguity Identify root causes, and get beyond treating just symptoms. Think strategically and articulate intentions. Judiciously prioritize work and tasks at hand.


Listen well to gain a better understanding instead of being quick to respond. Concise and articulate in speech and writing. Treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with you. Maintain calm poise in stressful situations.


Accomplish amazing amounts of important work. Demonstrate consistently strong performance so you can be relied upon. Focus on great results rather than process. Exhibit bias-to-action instead of analysis-paralysis.

4 Curiosity

Learn rapidly and eagerly. Strive to understand our strategy, market, clients and suppliers. Knowledgable about business, technology, and investments. Contribute effectively outside of an area of expertise.


Re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems. Challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted and suggest better approaches. Create new ideas that prove useful. Minimize complexity and find time to simplify.


Say what you think, even if it is controversial. Make tough decisions without agonizing. Take smart risks. Question actions that are inconsistent with Verde's values.


Inspire others with your thirst for excellence. Care intensely about the success of the company and Verde's clients. Celebrate wins.

8Honesty Always

Be known for candor and directness. Be non-political when disagreeing with others. Only say things about others that would be said to their face. Be quick to admit mistakes.


Seek what is best for the company and clients rather than yourself. Remain egoless when searching for the best ideas. Make time to help others. Share information openly and proactively.

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